Welcome to the Paul Peron Tapes

Paul Peron is a 30-something redneck with as many DUIs as he has side-hustles; he also gets a lot of scam callers. Some try to sell him extended car warranties, others try to tell him they’re the IRS — All of them failed spectacularly. These are the tapes of those conversations.

The Paul Peron Tapes were created by me out of love for prank callers like The Jerky Boys, Tom Mabe, and Richard and Sal from The Howard Stern Show combined with my annoyance at scammers and sketchy telemarketers who would call me as I’d work from home. One day, I put on a bad Southern accent and said whatever came to my mind. Soon, these phone calls became the highlight of my day (I don’t lead an exciting life). Eventually I recorded enough of these conversations to make my own album.

Check out the samples of these calls, and if you like them, you can buy the full album (16 tracks!) at an online retailer near you.